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The Premo Company Inc.
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Founder: Russell Prewitt
Picture taken 1982
Russell and wife Cornelia at Premo. Picture taken in the late 60's.

Russell Prewitt founded the company in 1963.
He learned of the trade from a fellow serviceman while serving in World War II. His buddy told him, "Metal spinning was a trade that not many could do well in, and there was an abundance of jobs in the field." His buddy also told him,"You'll never be out of work if you can do this", and that sounded good to him.
After taking some classes on the G.I. Bill, Russell worked at several fabricating shops before opening his own business. He stated that "The company has stayed competitive because it concentrated on the small jobs and the intricate work the big machines could not yet handle."
Today the company is still hand forming in the same fashion as it's founder did 41 years ago. It still remains a small family business run by his daughter Janice Rickman.
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